Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Google Fiber: initial reactions

Sorry about falling behind in here. It’s the usual start-of-semester craziness.

The big news is that we finally at long last got our Google Fiber hook-up. They installed the outdoor box (above) at the start of the month, and then they came indoors to install the rest of it (below) a couple of weeks ago.

My thoughts so far: obviously it’s a great deal faster than what we used to have. And far more reliable. It’s been interesting to see which sites keep up with the new connection and which ones are slow no matter how good your ISP is.

To be sure, it’s just an internet connection. My life hasn’t been miraculously transformed. I’m not instantly smarter or wealthier or thinner than I was when I had bad ’net service. However, I could seriously get used to not crossing my fingers every time I try uploading a web page. And I could seriously and profoundly get used to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube videos that download in seconds, don’t screech to a halt in the middle and display in the best available image quality.

I’ll keep you posted with further reactions.

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